The EPA Caught Lying… Is That a Big Surprise?

We live in a nation of tyrannical, un-elected bureaucracies. Most of which are heavily armed, and extremely motivated, to violate your Bill of Rights when it suits their needs. The examples of what I reference are copious; with the most notorious being the stand-off in Nevada with Cliven Bundy and his family. It was not Read More

Regulatory hypocrisy: GM fined $900 million for killing 147 and Volkswagen fined $18 billion for cheating the EPA

In what can only be described as a monstrous example of how our centralized regulatory governmental authorities prioritize politically charged ideology over the real safety of the public, Volkswagen has been fined $18 billion for admitting it openly violated the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) emission standards, while GM was fined $900 million for knowingly deploying Read More

Government’s war on property rights: EPA fines man $20 million for building pond

In a stark example of the United Nations’ (UN) attempt to use the excuse of global sustainability to subvert national sovereignty through “soft policy enforcement,” a Wyoming man has been fined $20 million to date by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for having an “illegal pond” on his private property. Andy Johnson, a father of four girls Read More