EPA destroyed the career of its own environmental scientist for blowing the whistle on biosolids… new “Biosludged” documentary to be released this year

A senior-level microbiologist for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was fired when he started to question the government’s policy regarding biosolids. Before he was terminated, David Lewis, Ph.D, published two articles in Nature that raised serious concerns about the EPA’s 503 sludge rule. First off, what are biosolids? Biosolids are a fancy form of sewage Read More

New book explains how the crooked EPA distorts science to fit political goals

A just-released book is a must-read for everyone who has even suspected that the federal government has engaged in political chicanery for the sake of pushing a narrow agenda. As reported by The Daily Caller, the new book, “Scare Pollution,” documents how the Environmental Protection Agency has been basing its job-and-opportunity-killing air pollution regulations on Read More

Environmental group praising new EPA power plant rule secretly consulted with the agency

(Freedom.news) In what appears to be a classic case of collusion, emails exchanged between an environmental consulting firm that is supporting controversial new regulations limiting power plant emissions helped build support for them by working behind the scenes with senior Environmental Protection Agency officials. As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, the firm – M.J. Read More

Why has the EPA spent millions on military-style weapons for its ‘special agents’?

(Freedom.news) The Environmental Protection Agency is no sixth branch of the Defense Department (the Coast Guard being the fifth “armed service,” even though it exists under the Department of Homeland Security), but you may not know that given the kind of purchases EPA has made over the course of the last decade. As reported by Read More

EPA looks the other way as toxic corporate chemicals enter the U.S. from other countries

Recent surveys asking Americans to rate Congress and the U.S. government in general have revealed that few of us have any faith whatsoever in our ruling class, and yet there is little concerted effort among the masses to change our political dynamic. Election after election, Americans continue to re-elect the very same representatives and senators Read More